Österreich 2025

Information graphics has been undergoing a renaissance of late and it is fantastic to see that this art form is finally being recognised. Österreich 2025 designed by Christoph Almasy is a publication of the zukunftsinstitut, a company that is about future and trend research. The study conveys Austria and its potential in the future. Christoph's primary goal was to show it in a thrilling/fresh way and to reduce the complexity of data whilst making it easy to understand. I love the contrast of the simple typography set alongside the visually complex graphics, great work.



SR692 Is an incredible site that is born out of the love of its owner Patrick Eberhard whom always wanted to work for Swiss Air and to one day become a pilot with them. Unfortunately on March 31st 2002 after more than 70 years of continued service around the globe the airline stopped flying. SR692 was the flight number of the route from Zurich to Lisbon the flight he used most often. The vast array of marketing and design literature on this site is incredible and many of the posters have been designed by many of the legends of the International Style. The section dedicated to the Swiss Air logo and how it developed through the years is amazing and even features some old brand guidelines.

This post is dedicated to my father-in-law Peter Herbert Jarvis (1936-2011), an incredible man, father and pilot of model aircraft.


Georges Calame

Georges Calame (1930-99) born in Geneva in 1930, was highly regarded in Switzerland as a poster designer but was less well know internationally despite travelling extensively. He spent some time in Paris, before opening his own design studio in Geneva,1953. From 1969-75 he was art director of the Pakistan Design Center in Karachi, but also designed the 'Dybs 69' design biennial and the travelling exhibition 'Swiss Graphic Design'. From 1975 to 1993 he created the visual identity of the BCG bank and the 'look and feel' for all its branches. Despite being a prolific designer in many fields it is his poster work that he is renowned for. His posters were selected 15 times at the 'Best Swiss Posters of the Year' event.


Otto Treumann

Otto Treumann (1919-2001) is regarded as a major pioneer in the modernisation of graphic design in the Netherlands. His style developed through his interest and connection with the Swiss school of typography and Bauhaus, combining clear typography and usage of colour. He established a great working relationship with many industrial clients, invariably achieving innovative work in the arena where economics meets culture. Some of his most renowned work included the identity work for El Al Airlines, the 'Jaarbeurs' in Utrecht postage stamps and the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam. A monograph of his work can be bought from all good retailers.