Hampus Jageland a Swedish creative thinker now residing in Paris created this fantastic minimalist identity for Edgeboard a company based in Sydney, Australia. The identity is based on the board's special feature the edge, and the brand comes to life using the edge across a broad range of materials and applications. A simple idea that is very effective and perfectly executed. For further images of the identity and other great work check out his website.


The Studio

'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication' says it all. A beautifully designed look book for LG products designed by London based Territory. The book named The Studio, showcases the best product design and innovations from LG European Design Studio between 2008 and 2010. The book set in Helvetica Neue is perfectly understated allowing the sophistication of the products to really shine through.


Swiss Passport

I came across a post at Modular Four that features these Swiss passport images and I totally agree with everything said. The bold design of its flag coupled with the words Swiss Passport in white Helvetica type is then followed by intricate geometric patterns that visually highlight the cross on each spread on the inside. The pages are designed, well considered and continue its fine heritage of design.


Den Norske Opera & Ballet

I love this simple brand identity created by Dinamo Design based in Norway. Created in 2009 when the Norwegian Opera and National Ballet moved into a new building and required a new name and strategy. The inspiration for the identity was derived from the architecture, the logo being an abstract interpretation of this, based upon the main angle set at 7.125 degrees. The brand was then rolled out with a strong grid system that utilised the angle as a graphic device for imagery and colour overlays/die cuts.


Mind Design

Mind Design is an independent East London based graphic design studio founded in 1999 by RCA graduate Holger Jacobs. They work across all media and have some fantastic work on their website including this identity for Russell Marsh Casting. As the company casts models for the fashion industry the identity is based on the golden section, the most perfect and beautiful of proportions. Various line patterns used on the stationery relate to the golden section and the overlapping lines create different densities and join perfectly at the edges of each format. Fantastic idea and beautifully crafted I love it.



Manual is a graphic design and branding consultancy based in San Francisco, California.Their approach is always grounded in clarity, simplicity, beautifully crafted design and follow the key principles of Swiss Design. I particularly like this identity for Betrained a Spanish website for social learning.