Zurich 2012

George Strouzas a design student from Athens, Greece has created this fantastic branding project of a fictional Olympic games based in Zurich, Switzerland. It is really interesting to see George's thought process and he has clearly taken all the key ingredients of Swiss design; grid, helvetica and geometric shapes to produce an interesting visual identity. I love the idea of the four sets of walking legs from each corner of the globe making up the logo. For the full Swiss experience check out George's behance.


Marin Dsgn

Marin Dsgn a designer based in Barcelona Spain, clearly has a penchant for modernist Swiss design as can be seen from his extensive portfolio of work on his flikr photostream. I particularly like the poster above, the simple bold vibrancy draws you in and encourages you to find out more just as all good posters should. Great work.


Jean Widmer

Jean Widmer (1929 - date) studied at the Kunstgewerbeschule, in Zürich, under Johannes Itten one of the Bauhaus teachers. Despite studying at the École des Beaux Arts in Paris, his work was heavily influenced by the likes of Joseph Muller Brockman and he became responsible for introducing Swiss modernism to France. His work of functionalism and simple forms stood out amongst the decorative style that were present in France at the time. And after working as art director and photographer for various companies in France he launched his own company Visuel Design in 1970 with his wife Nicole. The company successfully concentrated on French identity systems and infrastructure projects including; the identity programme for the Centre de Création Industrielle, the identity for the Centre Pompidou, and the identity for the Musée d'Orsay. Jean Widmer revolutionized signage in France both from a readability and an aesthetic perspective. Outstanding work and a true Swiss master.


Richard Paul Lohse

Richard Paul Lohse (1902-1988) was a Swiss painter and graphic artist and one of the main representatives of the concrete and constructive art. In 1918 he trains as a graphic artist at advertising agency Max Dalang. His graphic work during the thirties puts him at the forefront of Swiss pioneers and in 1937 with Leo Leuppi cofounds Allianz, an association of modern Swiss artists. In the 1940s his love of painting took over and he became one of the leading representatives of Concrete art. His paintings are mathematically-based, often featuring chequer-board or grid-like patterns of colour. During the fifties he published the book "New Design in Exhibitions"(1953) and was co-editor of the magazine Neue Grafik (1958). It was during this time that he also produced the fantastic work for modular furniture company Wohnbedarf. The work (as seen in the spread above) was so simple but so elegant in its execution, beautiful work.



Swiss design agency Mixer are a community of talented individuals that can function as themselves or as a group. They produce contemporary modern graphics but clearly look to the past and have learnt from their Swiss contemporaries. I particularly like their poster work (above) that create real tension by shape shifting. For more great poster work by designer Erich Brechbuhl and other Mixer community members visit their website.


Max Huber

Max Huber (1919-92) one of the most influential Swiss designers of the twentieth century started his career by graduating from the infamous Kunstgewerbeschule in Zurich under Hans Williman before joining an ad agency in Zurich and meeting with the likes of Max Bill and Hans Neuburg. To avoid being drafted into the Swiss army he moves to Milan to join infamous italian studio Boggeri. After returning from Italy he joins Allianz in 1942 and exhibits his abstract work at the Kunsthaus Zurich with the likes of Max Bill and Richard Lohse. With the end of the war he returns to Italy and produces some of his greatest work like the poster (above) for the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza di Gran Prix. In 2005 in Chiasso the m.a.xmuseo was opened in dedication to his great work.


New World Order

Daniela Meloni's branding and 200 page annual report for the NWO (New World Order) is a fascinating idea that has been beautifully executed. For the uninitiated (including myself) the term New World Order is a generic term used to refer to a worldwide conspiracy orchestrated by a group of powerful and influential individuals. I particularly like the logo, created with geometric triangular forms that pays homage to the old illuminati logo. It is well worth checking Daniela's behance site for the full story. Great work.