If you have ever had trouble finding the right application in your Apple mac dock then Alvin Kwan from Vancouver in Canada has the solution. Exploring the concept of 'less is more' he has reduced the most popular applications down to their bare minimal to produce a palette of icons that are still recognizable. If you would like to reduce the distraction in your dock then you can download the new palette from his site and then use the Candy Bar application to change them.


Domestico Identity

I love this contemporary identity for Mexican City bar Domestico created by Monterrey based Estudio Manifiesto Futura. They have clearly avoided all the obvious Mexican cantina cliches of sombreros and cactus to go with an identity based upon a pink colour scheme that emulates that of the Mexican social security application form! something that all Mexicans can relate to. The contrast of the pink and grey certainly gives the brand a sophisticated appeal whilst the three geometrical lines that represent the M in the name Domestico works as a graphic device and sets the trend for the minimalistic bottle labels. It's worth paying their website a visit as they have some very interesting work and they have kindly created it in both their native language and english.