Shaking the Shakles

It's not very often that I get the chance to showcase some fine art on this site so I am delighted to showcase the work of Marcus Hollands a designer based in Melbourne, Australia. These fantastic geometric designs are 600 x 900 mm in size and have been created by painting enamel on plywood. A good balance of minimalism and hand craft.


Eiji Hayakawa Architects

The old adage less is more certainly rings true with this minimalistic piece of branding for an urban design / architectural studio based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The branding created by Mexico's favourite design agency Anagrama was based upon 2 simple elements, a geometric sans serif applied to a firm grid and a red diagonal slash that represented the young firm's dynamism and innovative personality. The simplicity is what makes this brand work especially in a country that are more renowned for their flamboyancy and bright colours. Anagrama produce some fine design work so definitely take a look at their website.