Quim Marin

In such a visually polluted environment Quim Marin an Art Director hailing from Barcelona trys to come up with fresh and memorable designs with a clear aim at essential beauty and equilibrium that, at the same time, will ensure communicative effectiveness. You can clearly see where his inspiration has come from and that is no bad thing. His website is well worth a visit as there is an absolute plethora of poster designs which are a real treat to the senses.



There is something about Hey Studios work that even when looking back on older work
it still looks very fresh and modern. Hey's use of geometry, colour and simple typography really underpin their design ethos. The work for the open air cinema season is based on a different topic every year and for Gandules 2013 the topic was based on humour as a means of escape. Hey's illustration of a childs windmill toy, which is executed brilliantly, is representative of this idea.