FC Wurzburg

Interesting concept for a fictitious German football team, FC Wurzburg! created by US designer Craig Pinto. The logo was designed to resemble the Bavarian Mountains with a contemporary abstract assemble of geometric triangles, that form the mountain range. It is great to see a different spin on the football kit and the triangles are subtle enough to not upset the traditionalist!


The 'numerario'

It's that time of the year when the new year calendars come flying through the studio door, shouting for our attention and hoping to be used instead of the obligatory iCal. 

The 'numerario' calendar is unique in that it is made up of only numbers, without days, months or years, it is therefore never out of date! 
The pages are divided in two so that you can combine any combination of the numbers in order to represent a day or a month in any given year.

It comes in four languages, English, Italian, French and German and is printed on Watercolor White 280 gr. paper in two colour.

This fantastic calendar idea was created by Italian design studio muschi&licheni. For more of their interesting work take a look at their website.


Mod Vodka

I cannot get enough of bottles with geometic patterns on, and these vodka bottles are certainly no exception. The cube design along with the modern twist on the typography help to give it, its own flavour. The design was created by Erin Pille of Omaha, USA.

Klean Strip

Very distinct and stripped back unofficial packaging re-design of Klean Strip products. The company produces all manner of solvents, thinners and removers and the clean no-nonsense typography and bright colours really help theses stand out. Amazingly this was a personal school project by designer William Kitchens from Sugar Hill, USA. This project is not associated in any way with the brand Klean Strip®.



Loving the new Elements range for L'Oreal created by French creative director Romain Roger. Simple clean geometric icons that represent the individual names for each product. Combine this with fresh colours set against a contrasting black background and you have fresh looking luxury product that fits perfectly with their other ranges.


Giovanni Pintori

These amazing adverts were created by Giovanni Pintori (1912-1999). An Italian painter and designer who in 1930 won one of two scholarships of Consorzio dell'Economia Corporativa and began to study at the ISIA in Monza. In 1936 after graduating he got offered a job working within Olivetti's advertising department in Ivrea. In 1940 he became manager of the department and in 1950 he received the Golden Palm of the Italian Federation of Advertising, the first of many design and advertising awards. In 1952 after many years of creating impressive work for Olivetti, MoMA in New York organized the exhibition Olivetti: Design in Industry, which featured much of his work. Giovanni continued to design over next decade and to win many more awards. In his later years he devoted his time to painting until his death in 1999. For more of his great work have a look at the MoMA collection.


Motif Wine

If Motif's wine tastes as good as their bottles look then your palate is in for a wonderful treat. These fantastic colourful geometric wine labels were designed by Kristina Bartosova of multi-displined design agency EN GARDE. Their website is well worth a look as they have some visually stunning work.


Japan Society

Love this minimalist identity by New York design student Jessi Tsai. Japan Society is the leading U.S. organization committed to deepening mutual understanding between the United States and Japan in a global context. The architecture and the staircase inside of the building, located at 47th street and 1st avenue in New York City has been the inspiration for the logo and graphic language. To see more of this project check out Jessi's behance.


North East

We were recently contacted by Japanese company North East, a recent start up, that produces fantastic tees by collaborating with top designers, illustrators and photographers. The above designs as follows; Waves to Tokyo designed by Believe in, Peace & Love Build designed by Build and Saturn designed by Sawdust. All new T-shirts pre-ordered by October 14th will receive a 10% discount. Orders will be dispatched from October 15th onward. Delivery is free for anywhere in the world (with the exception of certain regions).


Shaking the Shakles

It's not very often that I get the chance to showcase some fine art on this site so I am delighted to showcase the work of Marcus Hollands a designer based in Melbourne, Australia. These fantastic geometric designs are 600 x 900 mm in size and have been created by painting enamel on plywood. A good balance of minimalism and hand craft.


Eiji Hayakawa Architects

The old adage less is more certainly rings true with this minimalistic piece of branding for an urban design / architectural studio based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The branding created by Mexico's favourite design agency Anagrama was based upon 2 simple elements, a geometric sans serif applied to a firm grid and a red diagonal slash that represented the young firm's dynamism and innovative personality. The simplicity is what makes this brand work especially in a country that are more renowned for their flamboyancy and bright colours. Anagrama produce some fine design work so definitely take a look at their website.


Two Sticks

Bright colours, minimalist design and visual puns for the these A5 postcards designed for Japanese restaurant Two Sticks, need we say more? Simplistic fresh work by  /ra Sm based in Moscow Russia.



If ever there was a store that was in need of a refresh it is your local covenience store7-Eleven. Although they no longer exist in the UK they were the epitome of a brash food store made popular by selling Dunkin Donuts and Slurpees. Thankfully in Sweden the brand has been given a much needed lift. Utilising strong geometric lines to create a seven on the vertical plane and an eleven on the horizontal plane the design is memorable whilst still retaining some of the original design. For more images have a look at Swedish design agency BVD's website.



If you have ever had trouble finding the right application in your Apple mac dock then Alvin Kwan from Vancouver in Canada has the solution. Exploring the concept of 'less is more' he has reduced the most popular applications down to their bare minimal to produce a palette of icons that are still recognizable. If you would like to reduce the distraction in your dock then you can download the new palette from his site and then use the Candy Bar application to change them.