Hans Hilfiker

I absolutely love the new swiss inspired clock app that Apple have created for ipads running IOS 6 and am pleased to hear that they have agreed terms with the Swiss Federal Railway Service (SBB) to license it.

In 1944, Hans Hilfiker (15 September 1901 – 2 March 1993) working for the Swiss Federal Railways, designed the Swiss railway clock, which went on to became a national icon. Hans was both and engineer and a designer and was an exponent of products that were both functional and well designed. As an SBB employee he was given the task to design a visible clock that would form part of the corporate identity and help unify train departure times across Swiss railways. A true classic Swiss design with its simple white face, contrasting black lines and without a number in sight! Against the white and black is the red second hand or the 'rote kelle' (red signal), as it became known, for its close resemblance to the station managers hand held signal that signified a trains departure.

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