Giovanni Pintori

These amazing adverts were created by Giovanni Pintori (1912-1999). An Italian painter and designer who in 1930 won one of two scholarships of Consorzio dell'Economia Corporativa and began to study at the ISIA in Monza. In 1936 after graduating he got offered a job working within Olivetti's advertising department in Ivrea. In 1940 he became manager of the department and in 1950 he received the Golden Palm of the Italian Federation of Advertising, the first of many design and advertising awards. In 1952 after many years of creating impressive work for Olivetti, MoMA in New York organized the exhibition Olivetti: Design in Industry, which featured much of his work. Giovanni continued to design over next decade and to win many more awards. In his later years he devoted his time to painting until his death in 1999. For more of his great work have a look at the MoMA collection.

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