Armin Hoffman

It's hard to believe that the poster above was designed in 1954, the typography looks so current. Armin Hoffman was instrumental in developing the graphic design style known as the Swiss Style. He is well known for his posters, many of which have been displayed in major art galleries. He also published a book called his work, quest and philosophy displaying perfectly his economical use of colour.

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  1. Dear Konstuktive

    I am the publicity officer for Finchley Choral Society, a community choir in N. London UK.
    We are singing Carmina Burana in June, and I came across the beautiful image of the Bass Cleff and the Ear
    as a poster for Carmina Burana on Google images.
    The FCS logo is a bass cleff, and I am writing to ask permission to use the image on the poster for our concert.
    We are a registered charity and a small non-profit making community choir.
    I would credit Armin Hofmann prominently on the poster.

    The original image was on Adrios blog. I emailed him and he said the image was by Armin Hofmann.
    I am contacting you to see if I can get in touch directly with Armin Hofmann.

    In hope and with best wishes

    Andrew Palmer.