Richard Paul Lohse

Richard Paul Lohse (1902-1988) was a Swiss painter and graphic artist and one of the main representatives of the concrete and constructive art. In 1918 he trains as a graphic artist at advertising agency Max Dalang. His graphic work during the thirties puts him at the forefront of Swiss pioneers and in 1937 with Leo Leuppi cofounds Allianz, an association of modern Swiss artists. In the 1940s his love of painting took over and he became one of the leading representatives of Concrete art. His paintings are mathematically-based, often featuring chequer-board or grid-like patterns of colour. During the fifties he published the book "New Design in Exhibitions"(1953) and was co-editor of the magazine Neue Grafik (1958). It was during this time that he also produced the fantastic work for modular furniture company Wohnbedarf. The work (as seen in the spread above) was so simple but so elegant in its execution, beautiful work.

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