Pierre Mendell

Pierre Mendell (1929 - 2008) born in France, emigrated to America in 1947 before returning to France in 1953, where he worked in the family textiles company. In 1958 he began studying graphic design under the infamous leadership of Armin Hofmann at the Schule für Gestaltung in Basle. In 1961 the Mendell & Oberer studio was founded in Munich.

Mendell was to become one of the world's leading graphic designers and for almost 30 years was responsible for creating the visual identity of the neue sammlung - the international design museum in Munich.

The foundation of Mendell's work is typically Swiss but is characterized by elements of vibrancy, poetry, and humour. His cultural posters and corporate design identities -- including his designs for Vitra and Siemens, are timeless yet contemporary. For more of his great poster designs grab a copy of Pierre Mendell, Plakat fur die Opera.


  1. What a brilliant collection of work! Mendell is not very well known here in the US, but I'm so happy to learn of him and see examples of design.

  2. Check your facts - Pierre left France in the early 1940's and went to high school in America. He was Jewish and if he had not left the country, we might not be able to have seen his wonderful work.

  3. Dear Sirs,
    Pierre was not born in France he was born in Germany in Essen he emigrated with his parents at the end of 1933 to Paris. In 1939 he joined one e of his Aunt in Antwerp. During the war he lives in Paris with his Mother and wears the Yellow Star. Later both of them join Pierre's father in Allauch near Marseille and in 1947 he emigrated with his mother to the US where he lives till 1953. Pierre joined the US army from 1950 till 1952. In 1953 he came back to Europe. He lived in St Louis - Alsace and then registered to the Gewerbeschule in Basel.

    I know all those facts as I am Pierre's cousin Ralph Mendel living in Israel.

  4. My cousin Pierre was a brilliant man and also very courageous. Why courageous? since a few years he suffered from MS disease ( Multiple Sclerosis ) and he continued working till the end.
    We miss him a lot.
    his cousin Ralph / Israel